“La” means “Soul”,
“i” stands for “bringing the proces inward” en “ancoring in its Self”, “
ka” means “the embodyment of the soul”.
Freely translated this means that the Laika Shaman is in “the process of ancering the soul within the physical body”. This is the Laika Awareness.

To fully become ones Self and to One with All.
A Laika Shaman is een Earthkeeper and a Starkeeper.
He/She is een lightworker in every sense. 

From Heart to Heart,
Crystal Feather

Want to know more of Laika Shamanism?

Here are some possibilities...

  • You can join me on the weekend workshop. In 2018 these will only be organised in Hoorn, The Netherlands. 
  • You can join me on one of the Living Laika Shamanism Weekends or Mid-Weeks. These will be organised on different locations.