“La” means “Soul”,
“i” stands for “bringing the proces inward” en “ancoring in its Self”, “
ka” means “the embodyment of the soul”.
Freely translated this means that the Laika Shaman is in “the process of ancering the soul within the physical body”. This is the Laika Awareness.

To fully become ones Self and to One with All.
A Laika Shaman is een Earthkeeper and a Starkeeper.
He/She is een lightworker in every sense. 

From Heart to Heart,|
Crystal Feather

Do you want to experience Laika Shamanism yourself?

As of 2016 I will organize a workshop in the Ardenne in Belgium, where you can experience Laika Shamanism as it should be experienced.

To give you an idea here-under you will find a shortlist of the topics:
* Introduction in Laika Shamanism
* The Dance of the Laika Shaman
* The Voice of the Laika Shaman
* The Laika Shaman Mirror
* The Laika Shamans Drum
* Dance of the Bat
* Daggerlifting

Want to know more of Laika Shamanism?

Here are some possibilities...

  • You can do a one day workshop, wherein you receive intuitively through a short meditation.
         And go home with your own Power Symbol for The Present (Noord-Holland)
  • You can join me on the weekend workshop. These are organised in the Ardenne in Belgium.
         Each weekend will qualify you to teach a part of Laika Shamanism to others.
  • You can contact me to give a lecture on the subject.
  • You can follow me on my facebook page "Laika Shamanism" (
  • You can leave your email address at my email adress to receive updates.